The Founding of Salem: City of Peace

    The Founding of Salem: City of Peace


      Product Info:
      Author: Benjamin W. Shallop
      Format: Paperback 
      Pages: 144 
      Publisher: The History Press

      About the Book

      In the 1620s the land that would one day become the Massachusetts North Shore was a harsh frontier. Native Americans, fishermen, and religious exiles struggled to survive while speculators strived to profit off the vast resources of this New World.

      Out of the disease, greed, and chaos of the era would emerge one of the most unique cities in the world. Learn how a working-class salter named Roger Conant became the first governor of Massachusetts and why Miles Standish tried to end this new colony of fishermen with brute force. Meet the woman who led the Massachusett people through their most trying times but whose name was ultimately lost to recorded history.

      Join local author Benjamin Shallop as he reveals how a place known as Naumkeag became Salem, the City of Peace.

      About the (Local Salemite) Author
      Author Benjamin Shallop's lifelong love of history began during his childhood in Salem, Massachusetts. Over the years, he has worked in the Florida Park Service, in education and as a community and labor organizer. It is this working-class perspective that he brings to his history of the early settlement of Salem. He moved back to Salem in 2008 and began to rediscover the history that had initially inspired his love of learning as a child. Today, Mr. Shallop works as a union representative in the growing Massachusetts film industry and is an active member in several civic organizations in Salem.