District Trading Company is an apparel and lifestyle company featuring an original line of graphic t-shirts, custom belts, bags, stationery and so much more; all inspired by the City of Salem, MA and New England's unique style of coastal living. 

District Trading Company's mission is to celebrate the unique, creative qualities found in and around amazing communities - "districts" - like Salem and the numerous coastal villages that dot the shores of New England. Why? Because we believe in the power of place and the ability of a place, its culture and character to  shape not only who we are, but how we see, interact with, and celebrate the world around us.

For us, that starts with Salem, a community known primarily for the infamous Witch Trials, but which has a history far more varied and rich than most know. And the city and its people have responded to its past to become one of the most creative, open-minded, equality-focused and cosmopolitan small cities around. 

5% for Arts Education Initiative* 

Because we believe in the power of the arts, we will donate 5% of each sale to local organizations involved in arts education. Art is increasingly under-appreciated and underfunded, despite numerous studies that highlight its importance not only in the cognitive development of children, but also (for those interested more in how their tax dollars are allocated) in our overall economy. Without funding to educate and support such programs, we all lose.

(Believe it or not, the arts sector contributes more to the U.S. economy than agriculture or our other favorite underfunded cause - transportation. So we asked ourselves, why not do something about it - one small contribution at a time?)  

We are currently providing funding to the Salem YMCA to build out and support the ongoing operations of a creative "makers space," including scholarship programs. This space and its equipment (tactile and digital formats) will be used by children (of all ages) to explore their creative interests. 

Contact Information

If you have a question or require assistance, please email inquiries to matt@districttrading.com. Thank you. 


*5% of all DTC sales (after processing fees) will be donated to local organizations in Salem and the larger North Shore community to support arts education.  
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