New England is our inspiration. Original design, small-batch production is our way.

District Trading Company is a clothing and lifestyle company featuring an original, (mostly) locally made line of graphic apparel, accessories, bags, stationery and so much more; all inspired by the New England lifestyle.

DTC celebrates the unique, creative qualities found in and around distinct places - "districts" - like New England and the communities that dot its coastline.

Inspired by "Place"

We believe in the power of place and the ability of its culture and character to shape not only who we are, but how we see, interact with, and celebrate the world around us.

For us, that started with Salem, a community known primarily for the tragedy of the Witch Trials, but which has a history far more varied and rich than most know. And the city and its people have responded to its past to become one of the most creative, open-minded, equality-focused and cosmopolitan small cities around.
Meet Our Founder

Matt Smith (not the actor, haha), is the founder, designer and maker of District Trading Company. He started DTC in 2019 as a "creative outlet" away from his "real job" as an urban planning consultant. His passion - one might even say obsession - with the importance of "place" and what makes each unique informs all that he does at DTC.

Always a "creative" at heart, Matt loves to design and make things inspired by the world around him. He is drawn to simple, classic design that pops, and has always preferred original goods made by artists and craftspeople over mass produced wares. He strives to capture these qualities in his designs and the products that he and his incredible team make here at DTC.

The world that inspires him is New England. New England is such a unique region, with so many distinct places, or as we call them sub-Districts, that somehow feel cohesive. It has always been a place of practical, creative innovation, hard-working folks, and community-centric. Nowhere is that more evident than in DTC's home community of Salem and the North Shore of Massachusetts. It inspires his team every day.

Percent for Place Initiative

We know that we are beyond fortunate to do what we do. Be creative, and make a living doing so. We believe in the power of the arts, so we donate up to 5% of each sale to local organizations involved in arts education and community assistance.

Art is increasingly under-appreciated and underfunded, despite numerous studies that highlight its importance not only in the cognitive development of children, but also (for those interested more in how their tax dollars are allocated) in our overall economy. Without funding to educate and support such programs, we all lose. So we asked ourselves, why not do something about it - one small contribution at a time?)

District Trading Company is currently providing funding to the Salem YMCA to support its arts-based educational programs including performance and visual arts. As an gay-owned biusiness, we also support organizations and programs that work with LGBTQIA+ youth such as NAGLY (North Shore Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Youth).