We don't just believe in the power of place, we support it. How? 5% of all sales* are donated to local creatives and/or organizations involved in public art, placemaking and arts education.

Why we donate to art?

Art is increasingly underappreciated and underfunded, despite numerous studies that highlight its importance not only in our cognitive development, but also (for those interested more in how their tax dollars are allocated) in our overall economy. Without funding, or educating youth on its importance, we all lose.

(Believe it or not, the arts sector contributes more to the U.S. economy than agriculture or our other favorite underfunded cause - transportation. So we asked ourselves, why not do something about it - one small contribution at a time?)  

In the end, we hope these efforts will help address these issues (in a small but meaningful way) through the support of organizations dedicated to putting public art and place front and center. 

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